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Equine Wormers


    Equest                                                Equest Pramox                                          Equimax

From:£11.95                                              From:£18.50                                           From:£17.50


   Eqvalan                                               Eqvalan Duo                                           Equitape

From:£7.95                                              From:£17.50                                           From:£9.95


  Eraquell                                    Panacur Equine Guard Plain           Panacur Equine Guard Apple

From:£5.75                                              From:£18.50                                         From:£18.50


Panacur Granules                                      Pyratape P                                           Strongid P

   From:£5.75                                              From:£8.50                                           From:£11.95


Panacur Paste                                         Vectin Paste

From:£9.95                                                From:£8.50